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9 - Visitation and Law Enforcement

3 months ago

Visitation numbers to the national park reserve over the first 5 years following establishment are expected to be less than 100,000 persons/year, with 56 percent of visitation attributed to local residents and 44 percent to tourists. The majority of tourists will already be in the region for other purposes, with modest growth between 2,000 to 4,000 extra visitors per year who are attracted by the proposed national park reserve. Visitation is modest in the first five years as park infrastructure and visitor services are in the planning and development phase. It is anticipated that visitation will increase sustainably and strategically over time as the as the proposed national park reserve becomes more established.

With respect to law enforcement, an increase in staff and capacity will result in more "incidents" that are tracked, but the bulk of these would be offenses that can be addressed by Park Wardens. The number of Criminal Code infractions referred to the local RCMP are not expected to be significant (ranging from 1 to 4 infractions per year), based on information from national parks or national park reserves with similar characteristics.

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