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8 - Fire Management

11 months ago

Wildfire management and the use of prescribed fire and fuel reduction will require a collaborative approach. Syilx peoples have managed the landscape through controlled burns for millennia. The role of the British Columbia Wildfire Service is to mitigate impacts of wildfire on life and assets, Crown forests and grasslands, and prioritize fuel management and wildfire suppression in interface areas where communities and forests come together. Local and volunteer fire departments have lifetimes of experience protecting homes and community. Parks Canada is a leader, with more than 125 years of experience using fire management to prevent catastrophic wildfire, naturally restore and maintain the ecology of national parks and manage fire and fuel sources to protect important resources and infrastructure.

Parks Canada eagerly awaits the opportunity to learn from and cooperatively work with the Syilx peoples, British Columbia Wildfire Service and local community fire departments and municipalities to develop fire and vegetation management plans for the proposed national park reserve to protect the places and spaces that we all love.

What are your biggest questions about how Parks Canada manages fire?

Consultation has concluded.

  • blueshealer 8 months ago
    I suggest you take all the money allocated for this reserve and re-allocate it to addressing the critical impacts of climate change. Our communities need money for forest management, fire prevention and flood control before they need a new reserve.
  • CL 10 months ago
    My forefathers also helped clear the forest of deadfall and shrubs while not harming the healthy forest. They gathered the deadfall and also had a controlled burn. They used the deadfall for heating their homes though, instead of oil or natural gas. Todays controlled burns are just as polluting, and provide less environmental benefit.
  • shopp 10 months ago
    Unfortunately, we still have exactly zero concrete information as far as how the federal government proposes to protect local people. Vague, canned answers mean nothing to local residents who live in the shadow of forest fires nearly every summer. Parks Canada "eagerly awaits the opportunity to learn from and cooperatively work with" locals? What does that mean? How about a binding agreement about jurisdiction first...then we'll talk!
  • carlamary 10 months ago
    Will you be cleaning up forest 'litter' and brush regularly and doing prescribed burns? I think this is necessary! What about letting the ecosystem rebalance? Not too many everergreen trees? More open landscape that has natural burning?