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6 - Agriculture Land Reserve

11 months ago

A small amount (14 percent) of the total lands within the proposed national park reserve boundary are considered as part of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). Approximately 80 percent of these ALR lands are under private ownership. This means three (3) percent of the total hectares within the proposed national park reserve are designated as ALR provincial Crown land. These ALR lands will not be developed or lost from the landbase if transferred to Parks Canada.


Consultation has concluded.

  • Ashnola4all 10 months ago
    More nonsense! Stop with the attempts to appease those who are already satisfied with a system that works. ALR is essential to our local farming economy and restricted use is not needed here. The region has abundant Parks and protected areas. The biodiversity that exists here is due to the respectful use and oversight of the region by the local residents who have told you for the past 15 years that this Parks Canada isn't wanted or needed here. Move on and find an area that needs to be restored and recovered and not a place that is and has functioned well without you. Stop wasting our money!
  • Sagebrush 10 months ago
    If you put the ranchers and other landowners with ALR land out of business by restricting their ability to manage the crown lands, these will be at huge risk of being fragmented and sold to wealthy non resident owners who dontneed to make aliving in the area. The area is already well served with parks, protected areas, nature conservancy agreements, and public expectation and social licence. There is NO need to recreate Saskatchewan Grasslands Park in BC.
  • ShawnHathaway 10 months ago
    So 3% of the total ARL land within park boundaries will stay ARL that is currently not privately owned. They will not be lost or developed, if they can not be used for ARL uses by people, then are they not by cause and effect rendered lost and unusable for that very purpose?