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2 - What a "Working" Boundary Means

11 months ago

Working Boundary: This term is used to describe the boundary of the proposed national park reserve, where private lands, along with Crown lands are also present within the boundary area. The line on the map is what Parks Canada proposes to achieve at some point in the future, however, it will take some years to realize.

Privately owned lands will remain under the title of the private owner(s); a national park reserve designation would not apply to private lands. The regional district will remain as the administrator of by-laws on privately owned lands. Private lands may be considered as part of national park reserve at some point in the future, but only on a willing-seller willing-buyer basis. No lands will be expropriated as part of a national park reserve establishment.

See maps for private lands parcels around Spotted Lake and Fairview - Cawston Road.

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