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1 - Governance in a National Park Reserve

11 months ago

Proposing the establishment of a national park reserve versus a national park allows for the recognition of title and rights held in the South Okanagan – Similkameen region by the Syilx/Okanagan Nation. The South Okanagan – Similkameen Steering Committee demonstrates the provincial and federal governments call for renewed, nation-to-nation relationships with Indigenous peoples, based on recognition of rights, respect, cooperation and partnership.

There have been questions from local communities on how cooperative management within a national park reserve would work. Indigenous relationships with the land will continue as they always have and locals and visitors will continue to access the land. We only need to look to the large majority of national parks, and national park reserves in Canada that are already cooperatively managed between Parks Canada  and local First Nations, where surrounding communities continue to access and use the places they have always used. Cooperatively managed national parks and national park reserves remain places for the community and all Canadians.

What can Parks Canada do to promote respectful and cooperative relationships in the South Okanagan - Similkameen?

Consultation has concluded.

  • jturner 7 months ago
    Respectful and cooperative relationships start with good leadership. Seems if the locals have concerns about the establishment of this park, they should receive respect for their fears and concerns. The park objective seems to ignore the very principle this question of governance is asking.
  • Keith 8 months ago
    I believe we should ensure that HNZ Helicopters should be able to continue to use these lands to operate their world-class helicopter pilot training.Their business brings participants to Penticton and area, thus supporting hotels, restaurants, and more. Their airport fees add significantly to YLW's airport revenue, helping to ensure it's viability.So I think the governing bodies for such a park should provide approvals, and commitments to long-term approvals, so that HNZ can continue to plan and operate successfully.I do not work at or have an financial interest in HNZ. I do however, recognize the value of their contributions to Penticton, including the airports and the tourism industry. Keith.
  • trulion 9 months ago
    If you want the locals to support this, please have a referendum on the Park in the 2019 Federal election.
  • Ashnola4all 10 months ago
    Go away would be the best way to proceed. This same boondoggle has been going on for 15 years and serves no benefit to the ecosystems and seriously compromises the use of the area by the people who have protected it. Why not take land that is compromised already and repair and restore diversity rather than expanding a broken model in a functional region with extremely healthy biodiversity. Your proposal appeals to those who don't use the area and who like the idea of Parks from a vacation point of view and not the area residents and users. The area is made up of Provincial Parks and protected areas and the system works well. We don't need consultation on a Park that is not needed or wanted. Stop wasting our money and move on.
    • carlamary 10 months ago
      In response to this question: Why not take land that is compromised already and repair and restore diversity rather than expanding a broken model in a functional region with extremely healthy biodiversity?Protection vs. mitigation Protection of an ecosystem is far more beneficial that waiting until it is broken to then fix it. I agree that we also need to focus efforts of fixing problems but if we can get ahead and avoid the damage in the first place then this is more beneficial to everyone. The okanagan and similkameen region is very rich in biodiversity, yes. However, it is not healthy in which the rate it is being reduced. Areas like these need to be protected if we are going to save species from extinction. The National Park is going to happen in the region. So, in your opinion that gives constructive and tangible feedback: What can Parks Canada do to promote respectful and cooperative relationships in the South Okanagan - Similkameen?I believe keeping an open conversation and maintaining transparency is important. I agree with the comment below that there should be fair representation within the government so a democratic system is upheld. I am a biologist not a politician or social worker though - education and space to discuss issues is a good step for keeping positive relationships!
      • ShawnHathaway 10 months ago
        We need a more organic and growth based approach to this. You plant an acorn, water it, feed it, trim it, and you get a fantastic oak tree. This takes time and you need to put it in the right place and time. If you plant a full grown oak some where that isn't good, you have endangered the tree and the area it is put in. This happens in a much shorter amount of time and becomes a bigger issue to deal with then it ever needed to start out as. Skipping over key steps and doing something just because we can, never comes with out costs attached down the road. I'm not saying don't do it per say. Just do the leg work to make sure its a fit now and in 100 years for the entire area and communities.
  • ShawnHathaway 10 months ago
    Make sure all local and municipal governments have an equal seat at the table to help shape how or if this happens. Consultation after others have made the plans is not true or fair consultation for any community. So Parks can make sure that the municipalities of Pentiction, Oliver, Osoyoos, Keremeos, Ok Falls, RDOS, ARL, and others are all consulted at the same time.